Rules and Registrations

Bovey Tracey Paradiso Arts Ltd. is a charitable Community Benefit Society registered by the Financial Conduct Authority number 7584 and with HMRC Charities reference number EW78433

Documents to download

  1. PDF Document

    Bovey Tracey Paradiso Arts Limited Rules

    Added: 19 October 2020
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  2. PDF Document

    Change of registered office address 2020-10-01

    Added: 19 October 2020
    Filesize: 0.14MB

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  3. PDF Document

    HMRC charitable status confirmation 2017-09-20

    Added: 23 October 2020
    Filesize: 1.33MB

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  4. PDF Document

    BTPA Community shares withdrawal policy

    Added: 25 November 2020
    Filesize: 0.12MB

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