Bovey Tracey is a small market town of around 8,000 inhabitants, built of cob and granite and known as “The Gateway to Dartmoor”.

The Bovey Tracey area, which includes the large industrial estate of Heathfield, plays an important role in providing employment and services for other towns and villages within the district and across a wider area.

Large new housing developments in Bovey Tracey are increasing the population by around 20% and raising the demand for services and facilities locally. The town is a popular destination for day visitors, attracted by its beautiful natural environment, recreational opportunities, and arts and cultural events such as the annual three‐day Contemporary Craft Festival, the Nourish Festival, Green Man and others.

There is an active community life with many groups and societies, mainly catering for the older age groups, but apart from talks and meetings there is little for people to do in the evening or on rainy days. Young people have a Youth Café and a skate park, plus some sporting opportunities. Creating an arts and entertainment centre at the King of Prussia will give everyone in the community a much-needed informal meeting place, to renew acquaintances and make new ones.

In the Bovey Tracey area 23.4% of the population is over 65 (compared with 16.4% nationally). Over the next 20 years the Office of National Statistics (ONS) predicts that the population of Devon will grow by nearly a quarter from 767,400 (in 2009) to 967,800 (in 2031) with the greatest increase (75%) expected in the population aged 65 years and above. There is expected to be little growth in the population aged 14 years and younger. By 2031 over a quarter of the Devon population will be aged 65 years and above.

Our market research, reaching 7.1% of the population of Bovey Tracey, asked residents for their views on developing a community cinema / theatre and related facilities. There was an overwhelmingly positive response.

In response to the question: “Do you think the community would benefit from a community cinema / theatre in central Bovey Tracey?” 98% said “yes”

In response to: “This cinema / theatre would be community‐owned. Would you, in principle, be interested in being a shareholder, founder or otherwise helping to finance its setting up?”, 43% responded positively.