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We still need financial help to complete this exciting project. If you'd like to help by making a donation, please visit the gallery where you will also be able to view the latest exhibition, or you can donate online, just click the button below.

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Welcome to Bovey Paradiso

Our vision is to create a lively community arts and entertainment centre in Bovey Tracey. We have given the 16th century King of Prussia building located at the top end of Fore Street a new lease of life. The restoration of this Tudor building now includes an art gallery (since June 2021) and is wheelchair accessible, four artists' studios and a meeting room seating 11 people, for more detail select top menu ‘Art Gallery’ and select ‘Meeting room’. Please come along and visit our gallery, our aim is to change exhibitions approximately monthly. You can also contact us on any subject by selecting top menu 'Contact us'.

Following our second community share offer which raised over £100,000, and with the grants we have obtained, we have now completed the development of phase 2 of the project. This phase of the development is a well-equipped kitchen and high-quality café restaurant area now open in the gallery. Please keep watching out for Newsletter updates advising project progress.

When funding is available, café restaurant space will be expanded and the the final phase of development will be a cinema / theatre with 92 seats, for more detail select top menu ‘About us’ and select ‘Plans’.

Bovey Tracey Paradiso Arts Ltd. is a charitable Community Benefit Society owned by over 400 Members holding community shares. Including donors around 600 people in our community are stakeholders. Huge thanks go to the holders of our community shares, donors and volunteers for giving their time to make this project possible.

In addition to our community supporters, we have received support from Big Society Capital and generous funding from the grant organisations shown below.

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Bovey Paradiso Location

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    Thursday 09 November 2023 to Saturday 09 December 2023

    Visit The Gallery @ Bovey Paradiso Arts to see the places, spaces and environments that inspire our local artists.

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Latest News



    The Gallery at Paradiso is featuring a new show called "THIS IS WHERE I LIVE". It commences on November 9th and runs until December 9th. We are asking for artists to submit work for the show.

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    The wonderful gallery space at Paradiso is available for hire in December! If you are a single artist or craftsperson, or a group of creatives, you can use our wonderful space to display your work and generate sales during the December period. The group that did this last year had a very productive week! You will have access to the gallery space for a full 7 days and you will be able to utilise our excellent lighting and hanging system. The week that is available is Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th December.

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  3. Glass Roof in place!

    Glass Roof in place!

    Bovey Paradiso reached an important milestone last week with the long awaited installation of the fabulous glass roof over what will be the home of the cafe restaurant.   It was quite a feat of engineering to install the roof in a confined space with a very large crane but we know you will agree it looks amazing.   We are very grateful to Valencia Waste Management Ltd.

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