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Bovey Paradiso Privacy Information

Bovey Tracey Paradiso Arts Limited (Bovey Paradiso) exists to advance public education regarding the arts and to promote and provide recreational facilities in the town.  To achieve these things, we own and operate the Bovey Paradiso auditorium hosting cinema and live events, and the café, art gallery and artists’ studios. 

We are community-owned, and our community trust us to use any personal information they give us responsibly and keep it safe.  This privacy notice tells you what to expect from Bovey Paradiso about how we use and store personal information, what other organisations may be able to access it and how you can get further details if you wish – the contact details for the Company Secretary (Bovey Paradiso Data Protection Officer) are at the end of this notice.

We take our obligations about data protection seriously. Further information and your rights in relation to data held by organisations like us are set out in detail on the Information Commissioner’s website. Bovey Tracey Paradiso Arts Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office number: ZB669559.

Everything we do with your personal information will be in line with the principles laid out in the UK General Data Protection Regulation

  • process all personal information lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • collect personal information for a specified and legitimate purpose
  • ensure that the personal information processed is adequate, relevant and limited to the purposes for which it was collected
  • ensure the personal information is accurate and up to date
  • keep your personal information for no longer than is necessary for the purpose(s) for which it was collected, and
  • keep your personal information securely, using appropriate technical or organisational measures
  • tell you who in Bovey Paradiso is responsible for data protection

We welcome any questions about how we process and safeguard your data and will be happy to respond to any requests or concerns regarding your data rights. Contact details are at the end of this notice.

What data is recorded?

We will record information that is relevant to your relationship with us.   This may include: 

  • contact details such as name and postal and email address, telephone number
  • your preferences about information we provide to you for example about our programme of events
  • information about goods or services you have bought from us such as tickets for events
  • formal information we must record about membership or shareholding in Bovey Paradiso if you are a Member or Shareholder

Bovey Paradiso uses CCTV within the King of Prussia building for the purposes of safety and security and it is a condition of some of our operational licences.  Appropriate notices are displayed in the building and images are kept securely for a limited amount of time only (no more than a month).

How does Bovey Paradiso use information?

We use personal information to provide our services and in the day to day running of our organisation.  We collect and use personal data principally from the following groups: 

  • Bovey Paradiso Members and Shareholders
  • people who have consented to receive information from us about our activities
  • website users (see our section on cookies here for further information) 

The Directors of Bovey Paradiso provide limited personal information that is required by the Financial Conduct Authority, Companies House or by some of our funders. 

Your information will not be passed to other organisations for promotional or marketing purposes.  

How long we store your data for

We minimise the amount of data personal information we hold, and we delete it when we no longer need it.  

If you are a Bovey Paradiso Member, we will delete your details within a year of you resigning your membership, unless it is being held for other purposes. If you are a Bovey Paradiso Shareholder, information about your investment is held after your community shares have been withdrawn to meet financial record-keeping requirements.

Information about customers or people who have asked to receive our newsletter will be deleted within seven years after the most recent contact, but it may be held longer if there is a good reason for this.  You may, of course, withdraw your consent at any time, and then we will delete your information.

Data Sharing

We have to use a small number of other companies to help us operate and deliver the services we provide such the Bovey Paradiso website or sales of goods and services. This includes software providers where data is held on a third-party server.

Bovey Paradiso is responsible for personal information shared with these companies. We will ensure the right contracts are in place and that these companies will only use your information to do what we ask them to do, and that they will comply with regulations how they keep your information secure. 

Your rights

You have these rights regarding your personal information:

  • to be informed of everything in this privacy notice and to control how we use your personal information
  • to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you - the contact details for the Company Secretary (Bovey Paradiso Data Protection Officer) are at the end of this notice
  • the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete data, to withdraw your consent to our holding data about you and to have your personal data erased

If you need further information or are dissatisfied with actions by Bovey Paradiso in relation to your personal data the contact details for the Company Secretary (Bovey Paradiso Data Protection Officer) are at the end of this notice.

If you remain dissatisfied with actions by Bovey Paradiso you can also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Contact details

Company Secretary (Bovey Paradiso Data Protection Officer)


Post: King of Prussia Building, 83 Fore Street, Bovey Tracey, Devon, TQ13 9AB.

Version 2, March 2024